Next for bancor project

Sponsored reportedly, over 10,000 buyers participated in an ico including venture capitalist tim draper, who joined bancors board.

Bancors protocol uses smart contracts to create smart tokens, which performs conversions of various erc-20 tokens with its reserves of other erc20 tokens.

Next for bancor project

Bancor, an israel-based digital token project, has managed to raise 153 mln in its crowdsale on june 12, which lasted less than four hours, making it the second-largest fundraising campaign in.

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The built-in automated market makers dynamically adjusts token price and supply after each trade.

Next for bancor project

Bancor) submitted 1 year ago by bancor ambassador captainlk ive compiled a list of all projects which have publicly stated they intend to use the bancor protocol, having mentioned this in their white paper or on their channels.

Bancor protocol is a standard for a new generation of cryptocurrencies called smart tokens.

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Big investors, big success whats next for bancor project?