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Altums power ultrasound penetrates the industrial equipments walls without causing damage to remove fouling in a matter of minutes. Wider adoption carlos terenzi.

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Nobel prize winners. Sanvartis is known in germany for their strength in telehealth, and we are excited to help a leading local health expert develop new digital health services for its customers and their members.

Circle enables nfc technology. Today, we are incredibly proud to tell you that we have closed a us 2m seed round, led by the nordic based vc crowberry capital.

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Asic miner ethplorer ryan. Nordics software development kit for bluetooth mesh solutions using nrf51 series and nrf52 series enables new applications for bluetooth in smart home, lighting, beaconing, and asset tracking applications.

Docu nordic, based in ljusdal, sweden and led by ceo stefan lindqvist, is the leading provider of business intelligence and data analytics services essential in the generation of sales leads within the construction, real estate and healthcare markets across the nordic region. In november 2018, we set the goal of solving the current gap in the anti-money laundering (aml) transaction monitoring market.

These scholars work at universities based in the nordic countries and their work is on china. With knowledge of both contexts their task was to enable the sharing and learning process across differences.

Altum technologies raises series a, starts us operations.

It is my pleasure to announce our partnership with sanvartis. Hang bitcoin foundation.

The funding round was led by nordic-based venture capital company maki. The bitconnect investment programs.

Jennifer hudson is totally cool with her family raiding her closet. A large proportion of the migration in the nordic countries occurs between and among the countries themselves, largely as the result of the free labour market and liberal rules for the exchange of students in the nordic countries.