Cash abc wins

Over the past week, all eyes have been on the bitcoin cash (bch) hardfork and the hash war between competing factions abc and sv. Top 10 most enjoyable msm reactions magatruthchannel.

Bitcoin cash abc wins the war, at least for now.

Calvin ayre, the owner of coingeek and major supporter of the satoshi vision (sv) divide of the bitcoin cash bch hardfork, has said that he would work to develop the bitcoin cash abc if it wins in the upcoming hardfork. The supremacy battle between the two forks of bitcoin cash is by no means over, but one camp seems to be winning the majority of the support.

Cash abc wins

Scheme’ onecoin has officially. The deadly hash wars between the two factions of bitcoin cash is finally over, with roger vers & bitmains bitcoin cash abc finally winning, reports bloomberg.

Bitcoin cash hash war ends, bitcoin cash sv backs out.

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Cash abc wins

According to an official tweet from huobi global, the abc version of bitcoin cash has won the race for the prized title on its trading platform. Trump wins florida!

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Abc wins race to bch ticker (at least on huobi) - coinpath.

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